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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Ja Baby

Baby baby so ja
Lal palang pe so ja
Mummy daddy ayenge
Lal khilona layenge
Khelte khelte bhook lagi
Khalo beta moong phalli
Moong phalli mein dana nahi
Hum tumhare nana nahi
Nana gaye dilli
Diili se laye billi
Billi ne diye bache
Allah miya sachhe
Sachhe sachhe jayege
Bhai ki dulhan layege
Bhai ki dulhan kaali
Sau nakhre wali
Ek nakhra toot gaya
Bhai mera rooth gaya
-Submitted by Shehnaz M.


  1. thanks for the blog. were expecting our first child now. do u have these nursery rhymes in audio by any chance. great work!!!

  2. I was so happy to find this! My great-aunt, who was born in India in 1884, sang this to me. Her ayah had sung it to her and her sisters.